Spread the Word - October 2018 Is Happening!

Download the resources you need to get the word out about October’s March to the Polls 2018!  Check back for more resources as we continue to expand this page.  Thank you for distributing flyers to spread the word about March to the Polls!

Please contact [email protected] if you have questions or requests for other materials.  If you’d like to get more involved in helping with outreach please fill out this Outreach Intake Form and a volunteer will be in touch.  

Outreach Materials - black & white, or color - whichever prints best for you at home.  Print from home - print “as is” for letter-sized flyers or print “2-up” for half sheet flyers (you’ll have to cut those). 

Flyers- Grab one! Great for leaving in a stack at a business or venue, posting in a shop, and handing out anywhere and everywhere!

in English! 
Spanish & Polish Flyers

Take your pick! Great for hanging in a shop on a wall or in a window.

en Español!  Flyers and Poster sized - grab what you need

Polish! Flyers and Poster sized - grab what you need

Social Media Images - take your pick!


FB profile photo Size PINK
FB profile photo size WHITE
FB cover photo size PINK
New 11x17 Poster!

For PNG versions of Women’s March Chicago outreach materials: