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Important Voting Dates for Primary and Consolidated 2019 Elections: 

Click here -> BOE Election Dates 2019

Voter Guides & Other Important Info:
Important Documents from the Board of Elections 
(all links open up PDF files, you will need a PDF viewer):

Ballot Entitlement (Provisional and Full)

Grace Period Registration & Voting

Illinois Voter Registration Application (English)

Illinois Voter Registration Application (Spanish)

Military and Oversees Voting (Link Only)

Registering to Vote in Illinois (Moving???, You need to Read this Doc!)

Voting by Mail in Illinois

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1.  Vote

VOTING is essential to the community. Votes give voice; votes set agendas and change political landscapes. Here some important dates and information regarding early voting. NOTE: Some early voting information is forthcoming, so check closer to Election Day for updates.

Every county’s site is different. Once at your county website, be prepared to search for information on early voting, mail-ballot applications, election judges and poll locations.

IMPORTANT DATES 2019    In Illinois, the term “absentee voting” is now a relic; we vote by mail or in person. However, with early voting available, voters have the ability to schedule their trip to the polls. Here are some important voting dates in the 2019 elections.  We have a primary in February, followed by a consolidated election in April. Click on this link below for the BOE calendar:  

BOE 2019 Calendar of Election Dates (Primary & Consolidated)


November 28, 2018: First day to apply for mail-in ballot online

January 17: First day of mailing or delivery of vote by mail-in ballot

January 17:  First day of early voting at an election authority

January 29: Last day of regular registration or for registration transfer

January 30: Start of Grace Period registration and voting

February 10: Last day to register via State BOE website for primary

February 11: First day for early voting in non-election authority spaces

February 21:  Last date for mail-in ballot applications

February 25: Last day of early voting   

February 25: Last day to request mail-in ballot in person

February 26: Consolidated Primary

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January 2: First day to for application for mail-in ballot online or in person

 February 21: Start of early voting

February 21: First day for mailing and delivery of vote by mail ballot

March 5: Last day of regular registration or for registration transfer

March 6: Start of Grace Period registration and voting

March 18: First day of early voting at non-election authority polling location

March 28: Last day to receive application for vote by mail application

April 1: Last day of early voting

April 2: Consolidated Election



Illinois University Counties (Main Campus, selected):

  • EIU - Coles
  • ISU - McLean
  • NIU - DeKalb
  • SIU - Jackson
  • UIUC - Champaign
  • WIU - McDonough

Check the Illinois State Board of Elections site for updated early voting and grace period voting information.

FIRST, make sure you are registered. Moving is a primary reason why people have issues with their registration. Check here is see if you are registered and that the information is correct:

THEN come here to register. The form can be filled out online or downloaded for in-person registering campaigns. The form is available in multiple languages to

Reminders from the League of Women Voters of Illinois:

You must be a United States Citizen.

You must live in your election precinct at least 30 days prior to Election Day.

Not be convicted and in prison (Voting rights restored automatically upon release from prison).

Not claim the right to vote anywhere else.

Illinois Online Voter Application:  You will need a valid Illinois driver’s license or State ID and the last four digits of your social security number.

Illinois Mail-in Form:  You need the last 4 digits of your social security number or Driver’s license or State ID number.