Our Mission

We Are Marching On!

Women’s March Chicago brings together women and allies in support of women’s rights including equal rights, equal pay, reproductive justice, affordable healthcare, affordable childcare, racial justice, voting rights, freedom from violence, LGBTQ+ rights, immigrant rights, fair wages, access for persons with disabilities, environmental protections, and other critical areas of focus.

Women’s March Chicago (WMC) is an organization advocating for women’s rights, promoting intersectional feminism, and challenging the political system regarding issues affecting women.

WMC connects us as everyday champions of human rights for ourselves/others in our diversity. When we stand together, our strength multiplies and our voices must be heard.

Fairness, justice, and equality require rigorous defense and promotion, and are not yet won. We recognize lack of fairness, justice, and equality are suffered by some much more than others. We need to work until fairness, justice, and equality are reality in all parts of society.

With Women’s March Chicago 2018: March to the Polls, we are committed to continue positive, peaceful action in our lives and communities to help ensure women and their allies take a very active role in political and civic life in 2018.

The Marchers: Who We Are

We are people of different colors, backgrounds, religious faiths, and politics. We support women’s/human rights. We are activists, seasoned and new. We are people of varying economic, educational, and social situations. We are immigrants of all statuses. We are native and indigenous. We are people of diverse gender identification and sexual identities—LGBTQ, hetero, and other. We are of diverse marital status and age. We have varied abilities. We are survivors of trauma.

We are people of diversities more numerous than can be mentioned here, and we stand together to protect each of them. We stand against hate in all forms and against targeting any groups or individuals. For ourselves and others, we express our right to respect and acceptance without bias or persecution.

Our Mission Statement

WMC is an organization advocating for women’s rights, promoting intersectional feminism, and challenging the political system regarding issues affecting women. WMC brings together women and allies in support of reproductive justice, LGBTQ+ rights, immigrant rights, affordable childcare, racial justice, access for persons with disabilities, environmental protection, voting rights, and active citizenship, and other critical issues.

WMC’s purpose is to lead and participate in local and national actions, build coalitions to further more effective advocacy, and to create educational and civic engagement opportunities that will lead to the advancement of civil rights and social change in Chicago and beyond.

Together we are powerful!

About the Organizers

The original group of organizers met online in mid-November, 2016, coming together in an entirely grassroots effort to speak out against the 2016 presidential campaign cycle’s negative rhetoric and actions through a march. The 2017 Women’s March on Chicago (WMC) honored but was not directly affiliated with the Women’s March on Washington, DC or Women’s March, Inc. Seven hundred (700) local volunteers were involved in making the 2017 Chicago march happen. Five hundred (500) local volunteers collaborated to make the 2018 Chicago march happen!

Women’s March Chicago continues today as a grassroots effort entirely led by individuals from the greater Chicago area. The mission of WMC is guided by Chicago marchers and activists and informed by the broader women’s movement.

Women’s March Chicago NFP*, a 501c4 entity, is currently led by ten board members and an executive director who work together to forward the mission. The leadership team works in collaboration with WMC organizing partners and with volunteers.

Board of Directors

Jaquie Algee, President
Khadine Bennett
Rudy Garrett
Harlene Ellin
Sara Kurensky
Dilara Sayeed
Ann Scholhamer, Treasurer

Women’s March Chicago Education Fund, a 501c3 project sponsored by Chicago Foundation for Women is managed by an Oversight Committee appointed by the leadership team of Women’s March Chicago NFP.

WMC volunteers are critical to our work and grassroots energy is behind all of our programming.  Women’s March Chicago is a proud affiliate of March On, a national network of women’s march organizers.  Women’s March Chicago is not now and never has been affiliated with Women’s March Inc. We receive ZERO funding or organizational support from them and share NO common leadership.

*Note: Women’s March Chicago NFP, formed in November 2017, has an incorporated name of We March On Chicago NFP and is currently doing business as (d/b/a) Women’s March Chicago.