Our Mission

On January 21, 10 a.m., Marchers will CONNECT in downtown Chicago at E Jackson Blvd and S Lake Shore Drive to make our voices heard and to support each other in PROTECT-ing and furthering women’s rights and civil liberties. We will continue our ACTION after the March by beginning/continuing to ACTIVATE in our communities in ways that uphold our values. On the day of the March, we encourage women to create signs reflecting their specific concerns/demands expressed in a constructive way. We will also provide some signs.

The Marchers: Who We Are

We are people of different colors, backgrounds, religious faiths, and politics. We support women’s/human rights. We are activists, seasoned and new. We are people of varying economic, educational, and social situations. We are immigrants of all statuses. We are native and indigenous. We are people of diverse gender identification and sexual identities—LGBTQ, hetero, and other. We are of diverse marital status and age. We have varied abilities. We are survivors of trauma.

We are people of diversities more numerous than can be mentioned here, and we stand together to protect each of them. We stand against hate in all forms and against targeting any groups or individuals. For ourselves and others, we express our right to respect and acceptance without bias or persecution.

Our Mission Statement: Connect. Protect. Activate.

Women’s March on Chicago CONNECTS us as everyday champions of human rights for ourselves/others in our diversity. When we stand together, our strength multiplies and our voices must be heard.

Women’s rights are human rights, which together we must PROTECT and further. Through our march, we send a message to our new administration and to the world that we seek to PROTECT our civil liberties and rights. We are here to ACTIVATE. Fairness, justice, and equality require rigorous defense and promotion, and are not yet won. We recognize lack of fairness, justice, and equality are suffered by some much more than others. We recognize the intersectionality of disadvantage and oppression. We need to work until fairness, justice, and equality are reality in all parts of society. With this march, we are committed to continue/begin positive, peaceful ACTION in our lives and communities to move toward this goal, and to support others who do as well.

About The Organizers

The organizers met online in mid-November, 2016. This is an entirely grassroots effort. We came together, compelled to speak out against the 2016 presidential campaign cycle’s negative rhetoric and actions, and decided to initiate a march. The Women’s 1/21 March on Chicago (which honors but is not directly affiliated with the Women’s March on Washington, DC) aims to be part of a clear message to the new administration that women will defend and further their rights.

Join us January 21, 2017, 10 a.m. at the Petrillo Bandshell in Chicago’s Grant Park.