Let’s March!

Help us send the new administration a message that women and our supporters will CONNECT, PROTECT, and ACTIVATE for women’s rights, civil liberties, and diverse issues.

Women’s March on Chicago amplifies and honors other women’s marches also held January 21 around the world and across our nation.

Join us on Saturday, January 21, 2017, on Columbus Drive at 10AM.

At the event, please walk only on sidewalks, streets, and other paved areas. Your organizers are responsible for grass/ground damage.

The rally begins at 10AM on Columbus Drive near Jackson Drive.

The stage will be located on Columbus facing south at the intersection of Columbus and Jackson.

Disability access drop off point at Columbus and Monroe.   No drop off permitted on Lake Shore Drive. All others must enter the rally area onto Columbus Drive via Balbo or Congress.

The march will proceed west  from Columbus onto Jackson Boulevard at 11:30AM and conclude as marchers arrive at Federal Plaza.

Visit the Logistics page for additional details.

We expect a large crowd, with more than 50,000 passionate women and their allies indicating they are coming to march.  Logistics plans continue to be improved to respond to the crowd estimates.  Expect an inspiring day of passionate individuals sharing space.

Request Press Credentials for the March.

Participation in a large outdoor march and rally may involve risk, and participants march at their own risk. Participants are expected to obey posted signs and placards, stay off the grass, stay out of fenced-off areas, march along the designated route, and be respectful of people and surrounding property. THE WOMEN’S MARCH ON CHICAGO, LLC, THE EVENT ORGANIZERS AND EVENT VOLUNTEERS SHALL NOT BE HELD LIABLE FOR ANY INJURY TO PERSON OR LOSS OR DAMAGE TO PROPERTY IN CONNECTION WITH THE EVENT.