We are everyday champions of human rights for ourselves and for others.

We stand together so that our strength multiplies, so that our voices will be heard.

“I march because because I’m ready to write a different story. One that makes every American feel they’re an equal partner in making the states united and as great as it could be for Americans of all backgrounds.”

- Eman

“I march because I expect nothing less than equal rights for all women and men of every color. I march for our voices to be heard and for us to come together to make change.”

- Ari

“I march for my beautiful twin daughters and wife. I march for all women who have suffered with strife. From a very young age, all little girls should say, ‘I will fight for the rights of my life.’”

- David

“I march to show my 11 year-old-son that women’s rights are everyone’s concern; that respect, dignity and ethical behavior are important; that if you don’t like your leaders, you peacefully protest. As an Arab-American who looks more like her mother’s side with Irish-Italian roots, I march to fight that you should never judge a book by its cover.”

- Ali

“While I’m fortunate to have health insurance while undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer I am too aware of the women and others whose healthcare is threatened. No one should have to decide between getting medical care or paying other bills, yet that is the scenario we’re facing. Planned Parenthood is at risk as are so many other programs desperately needed to keep families safe and healthy.”

- KathZ

“I march for my friends that are gay, my friends that are sick and need help. I march for my granddaughters’ futures, so they never have to be left behind because they are women. I march for the single moms that need equal pay and help to survive. I march for a women to make her own choices about her body without judgment. I march for freedom for us all.”

- Suzie

“I march to support women’s rights. I am motivated by my friends of color, LGBT friends and immigrant parents I work with. I don’t want to be afraid for everyone’s safety, healthcare, freedom of religion or personal preferences. I march to gain strength in numbers.”

- MG

“I am the generation who couldn’t get a credit card or a lease without a man. I have been groped, molested, leered at, and dismissed because of my gender. I died a little when Hillary lost. I don’t ever want my granddaughter to know what I know.”

 - Jane

“As the wife of an Irish immigrant and the mother to two immigrant Latina children, one of whom is transgendered, I march to defend their right to ‘justice for all.’ I march to be visible to those who want us to be invisible. I march to show my children that activism is the obligation of every citizen.”

- Zan

“I am marching to show our government that we have voices and they must be heard. I want to shout out that ‘women’s rights are equal rights!’ Women deserve equal pay, a living wage, access to healthcare, etc. Our leaders need to hear what we have to say. I saw the end of the Vietnam War was brought about by showing the government leaders that the war was unpopular through demonstrations. Peaceful civil unrest is a tradition in this country and it is our right.”

- Ellen

“I march because I was born on the day and the year, exactly, of the first day that abortion was made legal. I am a Roe v. Wade baby. I march because my mother marched for bussing for my school when I was young. I march because my grandmother was abused by her alcoholic husband. I march because I was molested as a child. I march because I have a beautiful 11 year-old-boy who my husband and I are raising to be a good feminist, and a contributor, and a kind and caring person. I march because I am a person and it is my duty.”

- Rashelle-Strate-Hootman

“For myself, my two amazing daughters who are Chinese by birth and American citizens who fear racial discrimination and deportation. For my 84 year-old-mother who taught me to love, honor and embrace all people whoever they are, wherever they were born, whatever religion they chose as their faith. For my sister, my brother, my husband and my children’s children. For my rights as a woman, an artist, a citizen of this amazing universe. I march for all who protested before me and all who will continue to march and spread our message loud and clear. We will not close our eyes and ears to all the injustice and racism that is running rampant and poisoning our hearts and minds. I march because I believe it’s my right to stand proud and be peaceful but protest again and again, whatever it takes, to spread love and not hate!”

- Chrisg