New to activism or have limited time to be involved? Start with the THREE simple steps and a few resources to help you, click here –> MARCH TO THE POLLS

For further exploration explore our in-depth pages each of the three steps:

1–Vote      2–Educate     3–Advocate
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Find resources on voting laws, candidates, and voting rights issues. 

Follow Women’s March Chicago on social media.  Our channels give activists forums for timely discussion and late-breaking updates regarding actions, issues, advocacy and more.


Learn about the legislative process and how the three branches of government work at the federal level. Find some good reads–books and articles, explore resources such as websites, resource guides and online courses, learn about fake news and many other issues.


Part of ensuring that our government responds to the needs of our communities involves taking action. There are so many different ways to participate, here are a number of opportunities to make your voice heard.